FUCHS DESIGN combines traditional manufacturing skills with state-of-the-art technology to satisfy their customer's every wish. Starting off with a personal meeting, our prime goal is to get a grasp of what your personal ideas and demands are - no matter if it's a private or a corporate project.

Our portfolio ranges from individual pieces of furniture to entire interieur fittings. We are also able to complement our services by external professionals if needed to make sure we offer a coordinate one-stop experience.

The creative agenda as well as its translation to CAD-Blueprints will be developed in close collaboration with the client's builder or our own architects. We then get to create electronic order lists and build the components on CNC driven work benches after approval.

The master joiners of FUCHS DESIGN guarantee smooth on-site assembly and a caring manual finish. Peter Fuchs personally attends this process from the very first conference to delivery and remains your main contact throughout the project.